Commemorative 0 Euro Banknote of Michael Collins

Michael Collins Commemorative 0 Euro Banknote
Michael Collins

Limited-edition commemorative note released on the 98th anniversary of Collins’ death

“Michael Collins is like Ireland’s George Washington, and so we thought it fitting that he receives the honor of being placed on a commemorative banknote as well.”

— Peter Schneider

This article is based upon a press release issued by our Irish partner and creator of the new Michael Collins note, Peter Schneider, founder and Managing Director of Euro Note Souvenir in Galway, Ireland:

HEADFORD, GALWAY, IRELAND, August 22, 2020 — When a person is put on money, it is usually to honor that person’s incredible achievements, their personal ideals, their sacrifice, power, or their status as a vital historical figure in the story of that nation’s people.

For the people of Ireland, Michael Collins soars above all of those benchmarks.

The man widely regarded as the architect of Ireland’s independence movement died fighting for his country’s freedom 98 years ago today. Though he was just 31 at the time of his death, Collins managed to rise to prominence in the Irish Republican Brotherhood, oversee the finances, training and tactics of the IRB in the Irish War of Independence, and help broker the Anglo-Irish Treaty with the British. He also led the provisional Irish government, oversaw the drafting of its constitution, and served as commander-in-chief of the Irish National Forces during the Irish Civil War. It was during that war that he was killed in an ambush of anti-Treaty Republicans. When he died, more than half a million people attended his funeral: roughly 20 percent of the entire Irish population at the time.

To honor his indelible legacy, our Irish partner, Euro Note Souvenir, has created the Michael Collins Commemorative 0 Euro Banknote. The commemorative note is printed by Oberthur, the French facility that prints the euro banknotes. It has the look and feel of a euro, along with a watermark, holographic protection and UV-responsive tactile marks. On the front, the man known as the “big fellow” stands larger than life in his military uniform. Only 5,000 of these commemorative notes will be produced and they will be strictly limited with no reprints in the future, making them a rare honorific for collectors – or anyone who shares Collins’ “Irish Pride.”

“Michael Collins accomplished more in his 31 years than most of us do in a full lifetime,” said Euro Note Souvenir Managing Director, Peter Schneider. “Many call him Ireland’s George Washington, and so we thought it fitting that Michael Collins receive the honor of being placed on a note as well.”

This note is in stock and can be now be ordered in the United States from the link below for delivery from Euro Note Gifts, as well as a collection of other great Irish Commemorative 0 Euro Notes that can be found in our shop.

Commemorative 0 Euro Notes are a new type of souvenir and gift product in Ireland and are now being distributed in the United States by Euro Note Gifts. These beautiful limited edition 0 Euro notes have the look and feel of normal Euro banknotes and display the beauty of Ireland’s most treasured tourist sites, famous landmarks and motifs that relate to Ireland’s history and vibrant culture. The 0 notes are highly collectible, and further motifs will follow to add to our growing collection.