Collection of 6 Notes

Irish Commemorative 0 Euro Banknote Set of 6

A Set our 6 Most Popular Notes at a Discount off our Regular Prices

This 6-note Set includes our most popular notes at a discounted price. It includes the following Irish Commemorative 0 Euro Banknotes:

  1. RMS Titanic
  2. Éire symbols of Ireland
  3. Michael Collins
  4. The Quiet Man with Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne
  5. Highlights of Dublin
  6. The Cliffs of Moher

Each note is carefully placed inside a protective plastic seal, assuring you will always enjoy it in perfect condition.

Experience Europe in a completely new way with our unique Commemorative 0 Euro Banknotes. They make perfect souvenirs, gifts or additions to a collection of travel memorabilia or foreign currency. Recently introduced in Europe, these beautifully crafted notes are now offered in the US through Euro Note Gifts. Each 0 Euro Banknote is exactly like a real bank note, except it has a €0.00 face value. It is printed on real, cotton bank note paper in a famous European printing house which is a partner company of the ECB. Every note features a watermark, copper stripes, hologram, transparent register, security background, invisible fluorescent ink and even an individual serial number that is unique to each note.