Delorean Anniversary Note

Celebrating the Past and Future of the Delorean

“When you see the silhouette of a DeLorean, it is immediately recognizable, even 40 years after the first cars rolled off the line in Belfast”

Delorean Anniversary Note
Delorean Anniversary 0 Pound Note

While the fictionalized flying Delorean at the end of Back to the Future didn’t need roads (or wings) to fly, the true story of Ireland’s most recognizable automotive creation is just as fanciful.

That’s why the company’s iconic vehicle and its gullwing doors is on full display in a recently issued Zero Pound note, made available in Ireland in a collaboration between Euro Note Souvenir Ltd and Sterling Note Ltd. London-based Sterling Note Ltd issues 0 Pound Notes in Great Britain, and Galway-based Euro Note Souvenir becomes the sole distributor and point of contact for the 0 Pound in Ireland.

“DeLorean came from Northern Ireland and took the world by storm in the early ‘80s,” says Peter Schneider, Founder of our partner company, Euro Note Souvenir. “That’s why the DeLorean is the perfect first note for our partnership. Sterling Note Ltd issues the Zero Pound notes in Great Britain, and we are the exclusive partner in Ireland,” Schneider continued. “The DeLorean’s incredible story showcase just how resilient a one-of-a-kind vision can be. When you see the silhouette of a DeLorean, it is immediately recognizable, even 40 years after the first cars rolled off the line in Belfast.”

Plenty of celebrities were proud to own DeLoreans, from Sammy Davis Jr. to Patrick Swayze. In fact, The Tonight Show’s Johnny Carson was an investor in the company as the cars rolled off the assembly line in Northern Ireland. But demand for Jon DeLorean’s Belfast-built automobile wound up not having enough in the tank for the general public to get interested, and the company closed a few years later. It wasn’t until 1985 that Back to the Future cemented the DeLorean as one of cinema’s most famous automobiles, capturing the imaginations of generations of movie lovers. But by that point, DeLorean’s company was already shuttered.

And yet, just like in the time-traveling series that made it famous, the DeLorean amazingly made its way back to the future. A company in Humble, Texas, bought the rights to DeLorean and spent decades repairing and refurbishing the 9,000 or so vehicles that were originally produced. Then, just this year, it was announced that the DeLorean was making an all-electric resurgence and that the plant would be located in San Antonio, Texas.

The DeLorean Note features a portrait of the iconic vehicle with its gullwing doors spread wide inside the number 40, with DeLorean Motor Company written beneath it. A map of Belfast lies in relief behind the number. The image will be the same on both the Zero Euro and Zero Pound notes.

These zero Pound notes were printed in the same facility that presses Euro banknotes for the E.U. at the behest of Euro Note Souvenir. Euro Note Souvenir is the exclusive license-holder of zero Euro notes in Ireland, which gives the company the ability to create commemorative Euro notes with the look and feel of real Euro currency. The company has previously honored other iconic Irish mainstays, including the city of Dublin and Kilkenny Castle, revolutionary political figures like Michael Collins and Bobby Sands, and artistic works like James Joyce (Ulysses) and beloved Irish actress, Maureen O’Hara, playing alongside John Wayne in The Quiet Man. Sterling Note Ltd. has similar agreements for its Zero Pound notes, to ensure the authentic look and feel of both notes. Euro Note Gifts will be offering these notes in the United States through our agreement with Euro Note Souvenir.

Only 5,000 of these limited-edition Anniversary notes have been printed.